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Lifestyle Center Financing

Lifestyle centers are large-scale, usually outdoor, mixed use developments that combine traditional shopping mall retail stores with leisure amenities such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants, bars etc. all of which cater to a largely upscale clientele. Ocean Pacific Capital has become one of the premier sources of life style center financing for this new popular form of retail development

Large outdoor lifestyle center developments started to boom in 2000 as many traditional indoor malls began shutting down. Lifestyle centers generally offer many advantages over the traditional mall. They require less land and as a result, generate higher revenue margins. They can often generate close to $500 per square foot as opposed to $330 per square foot for a traditional enclosed mall. Outdoor lifestyle centers also save a great deal on energy costs over the traditional enclosed mall, as temperature control for the entire complex is no longer needed.

Despite their popularity, obtaining lifestyle center financing is difficult due to the current credit crunch on all fronts in todays economy. While many banks have stopped funding their current projects or are refusing new requests, Ocean Pacific Capital is still going strong. We can still finance your new lifestyle center development, or refinance your existing one with loan amounts ranging from $700,000.00 to $800,000,000.00.

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