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Retail Outlet Financing

Providing retail outlet financing has been a specialty of ours for many years. Factory outlet centers have been booming since the mid 90's and we have been providing the capital needed to match this growth. In todays troubling economic times, families are looking for ways to cut back on costs so retail outlet centers should remain popular.

Retail outlet centers or factory outlet centers provide a way for manufacturers to sell their products directly to the public at less than retail price. They are usually located in very remote areas so as not to directly compete with regional and traditional community malls. Whereas lifestyle centers represent the high end of the retail spectrum, outlet centers represent the lower end.

Retail outlet center financing may seem hard to come by in todays economic climate. Ocean Pacific Capital understands the intricacies of retail outlet centers and can provide you with the financing your need to develop, expand, or refinance your property. Call us today at 1-800-595-1474 to discuss your regional malls financing needs with an experienced commercial loan officer. APPLY NOW